Vegetable Ivory custom jewelry from Tagua nuts

Vegetable Ivory at a glance

local knowledge

Craig carved one piece from vegetable ivory seeds which appeared briefly in The Dolphin Tale movie directed by Charles Martin Smith, which he wore to the first movie premier as a necklace and his daughter Anne Smith wore to the Second dolphin tale movie premiere. you may find photos of the premier on the internet. i should not post photos i found without permission sorry. 

Family and Vegetable Ivory

A lot of People ask do you have children to take over the art, I say no :(,  but, we do have a niece Desiree who is like a daughter who lives in Connecticut who has been working together with Emma for sometime now, and she is like a daughter, one day hopefully she can take over? she does work another job full time as an entertainment coordinator for an assisted living facility and loves working with the beautiful people there so who knows?

She does do some craft shows in ct. you may call her and ask when the next event may be.

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